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Joinery Jerzy Mały
ul. Szkolna 3
95 741 19 29; 742 91 61
601 95 53 73


Dear Clients,
The Joinery offers You unlimited range of woodwork, beginning with inner and outer door, through the whole assortment of windows, stairs and furniture, ending with other products according to special orders.

Outer door made of wood, width 68 mm:
- pine
- oak
- ash

Inner door made of wood, width 45 mm:
- pine
- oak
- beech
- ash

The doors, apart from special rubber seal, are equipped with three-point patent locks, that comply with the requirements of DIN norms. The doors are produced with a modern technology, which guarantees the best quality of our products.
We also have a great range of ornamental and reflective glass.

Windows made of wood
- pine
- marenti
- oak

The windows are equipped with heat-insulating glass of heat permeability from 1.1 to 1.4, with hardware allowing for various regulation of opening. The windows are made according to European standards in Felcor system.

Stairs made of wood
- pine
- oak
- beech
- ash

The stairs are made according to design and taste of a customer. All stairs are covered with the best quality varnishes.
Our offers:
- stairs without risers (open)
- stairs with risers (closed)
- various types of balusters, newel posts and hand-rails

All our products are mounted according to the client's will.

Jerzy Mały


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